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The Faithful Journey by Eloise Collins is an amazing memoir written to inspire people through the word of God. Come along as Eloise shares her journey of being born and raised at Georgia Road in Jamaica and tackling the immense hurdles in her life.

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Eloise Collins

Eloise Collins is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified Christian Life Coach who specializes in working with children and adolescents. It is not easy being able to work with children because they are too vulnerable and also sometimes difficult to handle. Eloise Collins earned her BA in Psychology from Nicholls State University and MA in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. Her education has played a major role in making her such an amazing person who she is today.

All of the hardships, struggles, and lessons in her life combined have molded her to be a strong woman who is not only impossible to break but also too hard to fool. Now, she is an aspiring personality for thousands of people and she is influencing the lives of many people. She is not only urging them to take a stand for themselves but motivating them to take the first step and start the cycle of change.

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Eloise Collins

Eloise Collins book The Faithfull Journey is a great tool for people who are in search of the right path in their lives. It not only emphasizes the importance of listening, understanding and acting upon the voice and commands of Jesus. It also conveys a message that no matter how miserable life may seem to one, there is always going to be a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel.


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Eloise Collins

Watch the video to understand the gist of the book as it summarizes the major events that occurred in the life of Eloise Collins herself. Getting over the struggles, finding the right path and obeying the commands for the sake of living a better life.


What Our Clients Say

I can’t believe someone can actually handle so many hurdles in their life and still stand so strong. Bravo!

Tiffany Moon Model

Eloise Collins story goes on to show that no woman is weak and we can do anything we put our mind on to! More power to you!

Miranda Simons C.F.O

It is really hard for anyone to leave their hometown and establish themselves in a foreign country. Eloise Collins did an amazing job!

Steve Brooks Librarian

The word of God is there for the people to act upon it and fix their lives. A remarkable journey, Eloise.

Marc Stephens Social Activist

Early Childhood Development

In this modern era, young couples tend to face multiple parenting challenges as they are not properly guided by the elders on how to raise their children after birth. This is not a problem which has emerged a few years back. Couples have been forever facing this problem by raising their children properly. Is there anyone to believe? I believe not. What are the problems that young couples face with their children? Problems such as emotional behavioral disorder. Emotional disorders in children is a raging factor lately and it is putting an immense impact on child development stages. Of course, there are numerous child development programs out there, but they are likely to have the least impact if  early childhood development has been neglected.

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Well, this is not something very rare now. Almost every 3 out of 5 couples are facing these issues with their children. We can point towards the lack of attention or the behavior of the parents as well as the improper use of technology to alter the behavioral development of a child. Early childhood development is a factor which should not be overlooked at any cost. Any child development program prioritizes on correction emotional behavioral disorder because emotional disorders in children can have a long-term impact on their mindset and perception on many things in their lives.

Child development stages are a critical phase of any child’s life. At that point, they are beginning to learn about the basic etiquettes of life. Even the slightest temperament during this phase can cause a life-long effect on the child. This is one of the main reasons why every couple is always advised to pay close attention to their child development stages from day one. Being careless during the child development stages can easily become the root cause of emotional behavior disorder in those infants. They will later grow up to be rude or misbehaved children. Everyone should understand the fact that it is much more efficient to correct emotional behavioral disorder in children during the initial stages rather than letting it becoming a habit as they become teenagers. It all comes down to the fact of realizing how dangerous this habit of improper behavior can be for any child. It cannot only restrain a child from succeeding further in life for their behavior but also put them in isolation from an early age since nobody wants to befriend them and tolerate improper behavior.

Partaking in a child development program can be one of the wisest decisions any couple would make for their child. They will not only learn many new things about raising a child properly but also find out about many new aspects which are yet to be learned. Again, it all comes down to the fact of realizing the importance of taking such steps. Being unprivileged is an entirely different factor, but being unaware despite having the resource to take this step is nothing more than pure absurdity.

In my personal opinion as a Certified Christian Life Coach, infants should be raised under the supervision of their grandparents. The reason being the proper growth with full-fledged and relevant experience. Grand-parents will not only shower the infants with immense love but will go out of their way to ensure the proper growth of them as well. However, on the other hand, young couples may lack in the aspect of giving equal love every day upon reaching their tolerance level. It is clearly not easy raising children, trust me. The physical and mental tiredness can sometimes make you push the boundaries and make you fed up of everything. But it is all worth it for the sake of children. They are the blessings you have in your lives. Some people are actually less fortunate for not being able to have a baby after all. Their lives are much different and less exciting than those who have just become parents.

It is really not that difficult to focus on early childhood development of your newborn. A couple of wise steps will ensure significant reduced changes in emotional disorders in children. An average child development program is also likely to cost quite less and will be worth it in the long run. It will not be long before emotional behavioral disorder will become normal amongst children. It may not sound like it, but this is a serious threat to the upcoming generation. Kindness is already a rare trait found in the teenagers of today, that too affected by the emotional disorder can make everything more catastrophic. Invest some time and effort into understanding the importance of development programs and get enrolled in one of the early childhood development
centers to seek further assistance.

Considering the fact they are young and have no intentions of misbehaving is actually just a myth. Children are too vulnerable when it comes to adopting new habits. If misbehaving and ill mannerism is an aspect which is overlooked from the perception of a child, they will adopt it immediately. It will intrigue them into practice it in the long run. It may appear as a silly habit but will isolate them in the near future. No parent would want that for their child despite how they have raised them. Be it with unconditional love and immense affection or a careless attitude towards the newborns.

The conclusion? Focus on the early childhood development of your newborn. Focus on it from day one or you might have to pay a hefty price for it. Not in terms of money, but in terms of efforts to correct it and discipline them properly. Pay close attention to their actions, their words, and reactions towards multiple things. Monitor them every now and then to ensure they are not being too aggressive towards anything. Also, try to ensure they are not being afraid of anything either. Support them enough to make them brave and withstand their own problems. Consider these as some of the best practices you can work on to discipline your children from the very start.