The Faithful Journey

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The Faithful Journey by Eloise Collins is an amazing memoir written to inspire people through the word of God. Come along as Eloise shares her journey of being born and raised at Georgia Road in Jamaica and tackling the immense hurdles in her life. Her story isn’t like every other autobiography where people face hardships and end up being successful. Eloise’s story is much different. She does not only faces the troubles of her life but tackles them by being fierce to embrace the change in her life.

Her story takes a massive turn after knowing the voice of Jesus. Desperate to break herself free from the shackles, Eloise learns to understand the voice of Jesus and act upon the commands to lead a better life on her own. She doesn’t only listen’s to the commands by Jesus but acts upon them as an honest and true believer of God. Following the command of Jesus leaders her leaving her hometown and traveling all the way to Louisiana Bayou Region in the United States of America.

Eloise has allowed the readers to step inside her shoes and tag along with her on a journey to experience the changes she had in her life. From an ordinary girl living in Jamaica to an established woman living in the United States of America, her autobiography is nothing less than an inspiration for all of those who are facing hardships in life. Those who are finding it difficult to break free from the invisible restrains of hardship.

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Eloise Collins

Eloise Collin’s book The Faithfull Journey is a great tool for people who are in search of the right path in their lives. It not only emphasizes the importance of listening, understanding and acting upon the voice and commands of Jesus. It also conveys a message that no matter how miserable life may seem to one, there is always going to be a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel.


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